How the largest technology company used iBot Badge to make their events smarter


Our client is the largest consumer technology company in the world, touching the lives of every person on the planet. The company’s mission is to help everyone on the planet achieve more. During the pre-covid era, they were engaged in organising the biggest technology events where hundreds of thousands of people, partners attended such events to socialise, exchange cards, ideas, thoughts and drive the next generation of growth for their companies.



It is in this context that our client looked for a solution that would ease the friction of sharing information across hundreds of touchpoints each day at an event. The company knew that exchanging paper based business cards, scanning QR codes with each other's mobile phones etc wasn’t really the smartest use of technology, especially for a technology company! 


In the post-covid era, touching anything is anyways a taboo. So they needed contactless technology so we could continue to exchange contacts and conduct business, while not touching! There had to be a better way!



The company connected with iBot and we immediately knew that iBot Badge would work best for them. iBot Badge is a state of the art wearable badge that can help people exchange contact details, send invites on professional and other social networks and even help locate the wearer in case of emergency (lone worker issues). People wearing iBot Badge can use this technology to do all of the above, while remaining touch-free.


Our trusted iBot Hive is always there to ensure that iBot’s devices, apps and connectivity is running and manages any hardware and app upgrades ever so smoothly.


iBot Badge has helped our client and their users maintain social interaction while reducing friction and assisting with keeping touch-free. Their goal of ensuring growth of people networks is thus realised.

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