Connected Workforce

How one of the most visible new age car manufacturer used iBot Button to make their workforce smarter


Our client is one of the most visible new age car brands in the world. Their mission is to make electric mobility a household name and they have significantly succeeded too. As they scaled up production, in addition to a robotic workforce that was involved in assembly of their cars, they had armies of human workers replenish parts and ensure clearing up of unusable spares, used consumables, etc. 


As with any human to human process, this was inefficient as alerting co-workers to replenishment/clearing needs was getting tedious. Workers had to call a supervisor who would then alert another supervisor who was managing the required team, to send in assistance and get things replenished/cleared. This resulted in a lot of coordination efforts at the factory and they knew this wasn’t how it should be. There had to be a better way!


The company connected with iBot. We knew that just the right amount of technology was needed to make this process significantly more efficient. The friction in the process was around letting teams know where and when to replenish or clear up, without holding up the process.


iBot Button was deployed at the clients’ factory to enable workers to call for replenishment or clearing at the press of a button - two buttons to be precise; one for replenishment and the other for clearing. That button press would be sent to the iBot Portal, which would alert the supervisor and team in charge, of which location and what kind of help was needed. The relevant worker would then visit the location and provide the service. Moreover, he/she could then press the same button to confirm that the service was indeed provided and close the loop. 


Our trusted iBot Hive is always there to ensure that iBot’s devices, apps and connectivity is running and manages any hardware and app upgrades ever so smoothly.


Yes, this wasn’t rocket science but sometimes the simplest of solutions is needed to get the process to become significantly more efficient. Our client was able to ensure people to people coordination became super efficient, without needing to implement a truckload of technology. The assembly line has become friction-free and workers are now a happy bunch.

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