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How a progressive manufacturing company used iBot Products to create a Digital Factory


Our client is a reputed manufacturer of thermally insulating wires and cables in India. As with any manufacturing company, they have built their factories over several decades and have established a world-leading brand with exports to several countries today. The next generation of management has also set in and is driving the company to new heights.



Covid has forced on the company, like with probably all companies, the need to do more with less and the need to know what's going on, without needing to be on-site at each factory. In short, the client needed a digital representation of their factory on the cloud so they could see their workers, productivity, machine operations, etc on the cloud. Unfortunately, being able to connect machines, people and processes isn’t about opening shrink-wrapped technology solutions, rather to take 20th century machines and manufacturing practices into the 21st century.



iBot Sense devices are deployed to check which workers are present at which machine, to check the usage and productivity of machines, to measure and monitor throughput and to monitor machines for any maintenance needs. iBot Sense devices connect to the cloud using on-board WiFi and send this data to the iBot Portal, which shows the client their digital factory on the cloud.


Our trusted iBot Hive is always there to ensure that iBot’s devices, apps and connectivity is running and manages any hardware and app upgrades ever so smoothly.



The client is able to monitor workforce productivity, efficiency of their machines and run their operations on the cloud. The next step of their transformation is to close the loop with their enterprise systems such that jobs are automatically issued to the factory and tracked over their progress automatically.

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