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How America’s largest bottle filler company used iBot Processors to create a connected experience for themselves and their consumers


Our client is the largest manufacturer of water bottle filling stations in the United States. Their mission is to provide safe and potable water across the country in schools, businesses and places of travel such as airports, train stations, etc.



As much as they were successful with their products and business, the company was unhappy with a few things. For one, no one cared for the brand as consumers would take the product for granted and drink off them without giving a second thought to the brand and the company behind it. They needed a way to get in front of the consumer and show them the face of the company that cared for them.


They also wanted to ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring that candles purifying water were replaced with appropriate levels of usage. 



iBot was invited to pitch along with, naturally, a lot of other technology and tech services companies. We guess, what really knocked their socks off, was that we were the only ones to request a factory visit so we could study their machine, their manufacturing and assembly processes and how a solution could fit into their existing process without impacting their assembly throughput, something that is called DFMADE (designed for manufacturability, assembly, disassembly and end of life). iBot was chosen to deploy whatever technology was needed.


We integrated the iBot M-series processor into their water bottle filling station and redesigned all of the electronics grounds up. We added a 7-inch touchscreen LCD display, NFC and WiFi such that consumers would be provided with a NFC sticker and any machine across the country would be able to recognize a consumer, greet him/her, therefore providing a very personalized experience, show them how many bottles of plastic have been saved by using this filling station and also check on the wear and tear of parts. The M-series processor is the brains behind this solution and sends all such data to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.


Our trusted iBot Hive is always there to ensure that iBot’s devices, apps and connectivity is running and manages any hardware and app upgrades ever so smoothly.



This was one of the most comprehensive solutions that targeted all 3 areas of focus for any enterprise; to reduce cost (via condition monitoring and preventive maintenance), to increase revenue (by leveraging sustainability to create conscious consumers) and to enhance consumer experience with a digital interaction.

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